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14 March 2009
7:23 am

Since I was a teenager, journals in some form have been an integral part of my composition. When I was younger I would make a habit of writing a page or two a day, at least, scribbling down the thoughts that were most important to me (which that age was usually school drama, boys, parent drama, boys, etc). I still have the old ones, originally packs of looseleaf paper in school binders, then upgraded to "sophisticated" bound notebooks. In time I got out of practice with writing in them regularly, finding different mediums to express my thoughts without the previously needed secrecy that a book always carried on my person afforded me. Websites were created, updated with the same frequency, then those, too, fell out of my attention. For me the journal-continuity has always been as much a way to organize my thoughts as it is any method of record keeping. And as I've gotten older, faced with Adult Responsibilities and the like, I suppose the need for constant introspection diminished as well. As such the online archives of my thoughts, while extensive, started to languish through disuse. I would mean to update, but lose my focus almost as soon as I sat down to do so. Eventually it felt like an old, close friend that I'd lost contact with. People who've been around here regularly know the cycle of me pulling everything, promising to restart from scratch, only to change my mind ad nauseum. The last few months I shut the site down entirely, as much an exercise to myself that I could actually cut it off, as it was a realization that the near-decade of content wasn't serving the same purpose for me that it once had. It tends to feel a lot like ending a tumultuous relationship, with the same difficulty of cutting the cord completely.

Nevertheless where things begin, they also have an ending, and I feel that this place is ready for a new start.

In way of biography: I am currently 24, and recently left New York City, where I had been living since about 2003. At the moment I'm in Sydney, Australia, in a bit of a nomadic state with my boyfriend, Adam, for the time being. So far we've been together for a year (and counting!). I'm originally from New Orleans and the rest of my family still lives there. I moved out on my own at a relatively young age and in that time I've done everything like write professionally for a national magazine to run a non profit to work at Yahoo! in advertising-related capacities. I've always been writing, though I haven't yet figured out a way to mesh both my tendency to spout my verbose opinion about something with my love of video games in some manner to actually make a living; all the same I still hold out hope that it's possible!

Hopefully with a bit of focus and energy I won't end up leaving this site incarnation like another battered, abused wife too.

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