I've got the breath of a last cigarette on my teeth

21 May 2009
3:00 pm

So an addendum to the health fun of the past week; nothing was getting better with regards to my throat infection, which went back and forth between tonsillitis– oh wait strep throat maybe– over and over, and yesterday I woke up with my throat so swollen and painful that I couldn't speak or swallow my own saliva. I couldn't take it anymore, and Adam and I went to the emergency room again. They promptly stuck an IV in my arm (my very first one incidentally and the experience was not fun in the least; there was just something totally wrong about it, most especially having to look at it) and gave me a dose of steroids and intravenous penicillin and I finally started to feel human again. I was really scared that once the steroids wore off the symptoms would return once more, but it's been twenty four hours and I can still swallow painlessly and eat solid foods for the first time in a week. I also finally slept almost peacefully last night too, aside from consistently sweating rather profusely even though the A/C was on cold, but I'm attributing that mostly to the billions of antibiotics I've taken since Saturday and hopefully that side effect will wear off soon.

I do have to comment on the consistent care I had throughout all of this. Especially with respect to the emergency room, everyone was attentive, helpful and quick, and the whole thing was two hundred dollars (which would've been half that if I hadn't had blood work done there too). I'd never gone in to an ER in the US myself, but I've been with people who had, and if you weren't waiting to see a doctor for two hours or more you were getting lectured by a disinterested nurse with an attitude problem over everything. And paying hundreds of dollars for the experience at the same time. I don't understand how anyone in the US can complain that the system we have there is perfect and better than anything else that the world does; anal rape when you're already sick is not a particularly pleasant experience.

At any rate I'm feeling much better and I'm hopeful there won't be a relapse this time. I've also seen the inside of enough hospitals and doctor's offices, as well as consumed enough drugs, to last me the rest of the year. 😡

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