I got so much space now, I got a whole house

4 August 2009
7:44 pm

Over the weekend I made good on my decision to close down my business venture within Second Life. After setting all my products for free during the last couple of days, I held an impromptu gathering of people for some quick words and the catastrophic destruction of the sim that I realized was almost a year old to the day I decided to flip the switch. It was fun if bittersweet and I captured the moment for posterity. (Forgive me for the boringness of it, however, I'm not a wizard with Fraps and I was more occupied with trying to make sure the sim didn't crash from everyone running around.)

The music in the background is "Pain Fade Down" by the ever impressive Trash80.

Of course it's technically not really gone as due to the magic of OpenSim and Adam I was able to make a local backup of the build to keep around, but it was the end of its existence within the world created by Linden Lab.

I took several photos of the sim before I killed it and a bunch of people who dropped by for the finale took their own images of the festivities.

In the end, this was the last picture I took of the sim before I logged out of it for the last time. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing when I happened to glance at my computer screen, after the last person left had waved goodbye and gone off somewhere else, and it really encapsulated my feelings at the moment. Second Life has always been a blank white canvass for expression and that spirit of it is what I miss the most as ultimately it was the one thing that kept me around despite Linden Lab's ineptitude and failings, from bad policy decision to bad policy decision. And when I couldn't find that anymore there was nothing left to do but look hopefully towards whatever future offerings would one day replace that sense of wonder and excitement I used to get when I logged in.


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