Mumbly reflections at an early hour

22 August 2009
4:25 am

* This post is going to be a bit more behind-the-scenes and autobiographical than the others have been recently. It's also 4 AM here and I'm a bit sleep deprived so this is likely to be rambling and not the best-written entry ever.

Ever since about 1998 I've had a personal website; my first one started up on a freebie Geocities account and hosted terrible poetry that I can only look back on with a blush and grimace. There may have been background midi music and animated gifs, I admit to nothing. Over time it evolved into more of a public journal-slash-poetry page, then eventually it was simply a journal. I carried that model for years, across several domain names, and I enjoyed doing it for a long time even if my attention to it would come and go. As I got older, however, maintaining such a thing interested me less and less. For starters, given the fact that my earliest archives still existing were me at about sixteen, I hardly resemble the same person now at the age of twenty four. While I enjoyed having such a spread of content, I didn't feel it was the least bit indicative of who I was as a person anymore and it would often make me twitch seeing old entries. At the end of last year I pulled the plug, unsure with what I wanted to do here anymore. Nevertheless I did enjoy writing and I did want to bring it back, even if I finally took a decade worth of content offline for a fresh start. (I got into this a little bit in my very first entry here.) Initially I was going to carry on with the same model as before, a personal journal, but for a lot of reasons that didn't interest me the same way it has in the past. As my life got more and more 'boring' and stable, I had less and less to write about, so I'd just forget about the site except for sporadic, infrequent updates. I still gave it a try in the beginning but quickly decided that I didn't want that to be the focus of my site anymore.

So if that was going off the table, I decided that I would make this place less about what I had for breakfast and more about my opinions and thoughts about a variety of things that interest me, whether politics or activism or video games (which have been featured prevalently lately). I know this flip has been jarring for people who've read my site for a while but ultimately I'm a lot happier with it.

Okay the backstory out of the way, the real point of this entry is that I've been ruminating on one of the areas I want to take things. Obviously video games and virtual worlds have got a lot of screen time here recently. They're a focal point of my interests, have been a source of work in the past, and in various ways have made me money. I enjoy playing them and I enjoy talking about them, so they've been here a lot even if I don't actually intend to turn this specifically into a "video game blog." There are plenty of sites for that, these are just my ruminations on things, some of which happen to be video games.

All the same, in the beginning I started doing game reviews. I banged two of them out before I realized that I didn't quite like the format of it. It felt way too serious business for what was meant to be a fun deal and because of that I actually felt a bit uncomfortable doing them. It also does not help that I tend to be a slow gamer; I like to pace myself, take my time, and ensure that I actually, you know, get a level of entertainment commensurate to the amount I'd paid for the software. (Adam on the other hand blasts through games as fast as possible, finishing them way too fast for my tastes; it drives me totally insane.) For example, I got Overlord 2 purchased the date it was released, though it's just sitting around on my hard drive waiting to be installed because I haven't actually finished Overlord 1 yet. So it's difficult to do anything resembling a serious review of a game when, by the time I'm done, the game is already six months or more out of date.

Having made this realization I've come to the conclusion that while I definitely want to continue reviewing games here, I shan't be doing so via the same format I'd used previously, which really came off a bit too haughty and pompous for me. I'll be doing a far more relaxed breakdown of my impressions and viewpoints which I'll have a lot easier time with and won't be adding unnecessary pressure upon myself to squish into a specific format. Also by way of warning, for those who come here to read the video game content: awesome, I hope you enjoy it, but keep in mind that this isn't meant to be specifically about video games and nothing else. Other facets of my interests will show up here, not all of them about whatever I played earlier in the day.


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    Ahahaha. I never read those poems specifically– but I do remember others, and I remember them being better than the ones you posted. 😛

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