Upcoming additions

13 October 2009
9:39 pm

As I have mentioned before, this site used to be part of extensive archives going back to 2000. Although largely I'm happy with my decision to excise the old archives, from time to time I lament the removal of some entries that I've written in the past which I particularly enjoyed; in particular there were several "essay-esque" things that I wrote inspired by my experiences doing any sort of activism within the LGBT community which I really want to be available again. I finally had a chance to sit down and make a local copy of my site archives and in the coming days I'm going to be going through and reposting some of the more politically-focused entries here, since I feel that they are relevant and compatible to the "vision" I have for my personal site now. This is a head's up in case anyone wonders why there's a sudden splurge of content dated from two or three years ago. I will flag such entries so it's obvious what they are, but you've also been warned. 😉

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