Upcoming transitions

23 November 2009
12:27 am

ctrlclickIn a period of time to be determined (either immediately or sometime in the next few days, depending on free time and motivation), this site will be transitioning from its current domain to ctrlclick.com. I have a lot of reasons for wanting to do this; I feel that a domain name based around someone's real name probably should be full of personalized content, and that's not really been the focal point of my writing here for quite some time, so I don't feel that it's all that fitting any longer. I have wanted to broaden the scope of the site for some time, and so I felt that a new name was fitting in the context of that goal.

As such I have bigger plans for things once this happens; least of which being that I have decided to invite a few other writers on to contribute entries as time allows them, both to provide variation of viewpoints and to fill out the choices of what to read beyond me importing my entries from other sites. I will continue along with the same theme of video game news/reviews, commentary on internet culture and anything else that comes to mind, but in terms of directly personal journal entries, those haven't happened for some time (and the ones that have will likely not be making the move to the new version of the site) so I don't think the existing home makes much sense any longer.

Any existing links to joshuameadows.com should transition fine to the new site, however I'm not entirely certain about RSS subscriptions. Hopefully they will as well, but if you don't see anything happen in a week or two inside your reader, you might want to check to make sure things are still set correctly.

See you in the new location!

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