Welcome to ctrlclick.com!

27 November 2009
11:39 pm

ctrlclickAfter various amounts of work adjusting the layout and getting everything migrated I'm quite excited to announce the opening of ctrlclick.com, the new home of what used to be joshuameadows.com. As I've mentioned here a few times I no longer feel the content I write about here is quite appropriate to be housed under an address so specific and personal to myself, so I think that it is better kept in this new location.

In the future to come I will be joined here on occasion by additional writers offering their own perspectives. I will continue writing about video games and internet culture just as before, just without the feeling that this place was meant to be a personal diary.

Existing links should translate correctly to the new site but if you have any issues with RSS feed readers I suggest making sure they're updated for the new address.

So, have a look around, bookmark the site and feel free to participate as well. If you find anything weird let me know at joshua@ctrlclick.com

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