Out.com's "gayest" video games list

21 December 2009
11:02 pm

Out.com, the official website for Out Magazine, has recently published their list of the "gayest" video games. Looking over their selections, I have to say their choices are a little… interesting. And by interesting I mean, in fact, that this list would at first glance appear to be compiled by a gaggle of frat boys giggling over their collection of eBay'd NES cartridges.

I realize that this is all meant to be in jest, but the only criteria appears to be what unoriginal "gay" references the writer could pigeonhole on games that otherwise have nothing to do with homosexuality. Starting the list is Super Mario Bros for its allusions to "cleaning pipes." Next is Contra, which is apparently the inspiration for Annie Proulx's "Brokeback Mountain." Duke Nukem is a closet Chelsea muscle queen, Kirby is gay because he's pink and loves to swallow, hurrr, and Mortal Kombat is "likely the first and most tranny-relevant video game."

None of the selected titles are even from this decade; if we're simply going for suggestively "gay" content there certainly are better choices to select from rather than shoe-horning tired and cliched stereotypes onto stuff that doesn't make any sense. There are no mentions of games that have positive representations of LGBT people, and no mentions of games that actually have gay people in them at all.

One of the comments on Kotaku's article really summed up my sentiments:

This whole list is just… derogatory – both to gay people and to people who can grasp the concept of humour.

This isn't really the sort of list I'd expect from a magazine that's consistently nominated their top 100 people year after year who've been at the forefront of progressive rights and representation for the LGBT demographic.

Am I missing the joke, or is it not that funny to begin with?

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