Beware the oncoming onslaught of Satanic videogames

25 February 2010
9:00 am

In an article on Tuesday over at The Bulletin (Philadelphia's family newspaper), Susan Brinkmann explores a growing problem facing today's "avid gamers" and their immortal souls. Specifically, a rise in the proliferation of satanic-themed video games targeting God, Catholicism specifically and Judeo-Christianity in general.

Most of the article is built up on quotes by a 32 year old named Lance Christian who declares matter-of-factly that "the devil has a new tool to work with in this age of technology, and the majority of adults in a position of responsibility are left in the dark."

Brinkmann's article cites several examples of soul-corrupting video games being pushed towards sensitive children and teenagers by publishers apparently eager to send honest kids to hell. Most of these examples are out of context, fail to highlight how said acts have negative, punishable repercussions in the course of the story, or are totally misrepresented. Bayonetta was mentioned as a footnote, oddly enough, but not given the same Satanist synopsis as Dragon Age: Origins or Nocturne; if any title was going to let an evangelical fap in outrage about being persecuted, a demonic hair witch would be it. Dante's Inferno is also mentioned, even though you're playing a hero doing the work of god through the pits of hell, but I guess they're concerned about a contact high or something.

At any rate it bears repeating: the games singled out are all largely rated mature, which means impressionable children, Christian or otherwise, should not have access to them if they're in the care of responsible parents. A helpful link to Focus on the Family's reviews of titles is provided at the end of the article for parents who wish to avail themselves of "family friendly" titles; spoiler alert: they hate everything.

PSA: Beware the Proliferation of Satanic-Themed Games [via GamePolitics]

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