PSA: A Fix For Flower's PS3 Error #80029564

15 February 2010
9:28 pm

You may recall an article I wrote back in December regarding my experiences with getting Flower, an indie title by developer thatgamecompany available for download on the PlayStation Network, downloaded and installed on my then-new PS3. No matter what I did, the game would download completely, but then consistently fail to install at 14% with an error code of #80029564. Sony's tech support was… unhelpful, and even after Kellee Santiago, thatgamecompany's CEO, went above and beyond the call of duty to try and help me, the game never worked and I put it on the virtual shelf, suspecting I'd not get a crack at it.

Last night I serendipitously got an email from someone who had the same problem as myself, who figured out a simple and rather ingenious way to get the game installed correctly. As several people contacted me afterward complaining of the same issue (and the previous article gets a lot of hits on google), I figured I would write up the steps I took to get the game working. And many, many thanks to Chris who gave me this fix in the first place.

At its simplest, the way I got Flower installed was by connecting my PS3 to a United States proxy. For whatever reason my Australian IP was the culprit, as no further configuration was required once the proxy was set up. Here's how to enable it on your device; requisite disclaimers apply: I am not responsible for any damage you do to your PS3, including but not limited to enabling it as a nuclear weapon, so undertake these steps on your own.

1. On the PS3 XMB, navigate to the Settings category and then navigate down to the Network Settings option.

2. Here you want to select Internet Connection Settings and press OK for the warning it gives you; you'll be signed out of PSN (if you were connected) and a menu will ask you if you want to choose Easy configuration or Custom– choose Custom.

3. If you're on a Wireless connection (as I am), choose that and you will be presented with a series of options. Wired users will have fewer to pick from.

4. You can leave most of the next options as they are, but their variables will depend on your device's configuration and your internet connection settings. Just navigate right through each of the menus until you get to one asking about using a Proxy Server (this is one of the last questions in the wizard), which is the golden ticket.

5. You can google around to find free proxy servers online, but the one I used was the first entry on this list. These servers fluctuate so you may need to check it later, but the one that worked for me was, port 8080. Input this into the relevant fields on your PS3 and hit okay. Navigate until you're asked to review your selected settings, then save and test the connection.

6. It will take several minutes, so don't get worried if it doesn't work right away. A proxy server basically routes all your internet traffic through a particular IP address. If you're doing this on a country outside of the US, like I am, this will mean your connection will slow down considerably as everything has to pass back and forth over a line to another country– compounded by the fact that it's a free proxy which means it's likely to be overused by a lot of people. Eventually, if you've configured things correctly, you'll get a "test successful" notice and will be free to continue.

7. Go to the PlayStation Store and to your downloads. You'll find that everything is really, really slow, but this is normal. Initiate the download of Flower and wait. For me, I had to start the download four times because I kept getting an error right as it began; keep trying and eventually it will start. It took me about an hour to download the full 700~ megs for Flower, but sure enough once it was completed the game installed correctly, no longer giving me the maddening 14% error.

I can't really begin to figure out why my IP address was buggering things up, but it makes it clear that there's definitely a problem on Sony's side. To test that things hadn't cleared up on their own I tried to download Flower first using my un-proxied connection immediately before I tried the fix and the installation continued to fail at the same point. Once I tried the fix it worked correctly.

Obviously, this probably won't help you any if you're getting the error and are already in the US, but given that the #80029564 glitch seemed to be predominantly affecting Australians (and people outside of the US) it is probably indicative of a larger problem with PSN that hopefully Sony will deal with.

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    Thanks a bunch for posting this! It's been a huge help, as we've been able to send this link to several people who've reported problems downloading the game.


    John (from thatgamecompany)

    I'm glad it's helping! Hopefully someone at Sony can use this to correct whatever issue is going on as well.

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