Eyeroll: GameCrush lets you pay women to game with you

24 March 2010
9:00 am

Long has the stereotype of the "gamer" crowd been one of lonely, overweight nerds living in the basements of their parents, with no social contact with the outside world beyond virtual interactions in video games. One company with a clear aim to capitalise on this perception is GameCrush, who have announced that they're creating a new service which hooks said depressed, isolated gamers up with "PlayDates" in the form of supposed hot women who just want to game, man.

The PlayDates come in two flavors, "flirty" and "dirty," depending on what level of pornographic content you want with your Modern Warfare 2 match, I guess. The service allows you to play simple Flash games over webcam with your date, or you can opt for one of four Xbox 360 titles on XBL. Flash sessions last for six minutes, XBL games last for ten.

GameCrush's website has apparently self-destructed under a sea of attention and (hopefully) internet-wide mocking, but Kotaku has a very NSFW gallery of some of the "attractive ladies" (and at least one guy) who you can book to play video games with. Rampant opportunistic sexism aside, either type of game costs $8.25 a pop, with the PlayDates allegedly keeping 60% of the proceeds. It seems that GameCrush forgot the last part of the gamer stereotype when they set their business plan in motion, though: I thought gamers weren't supposed to have jobs?

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