26 April 2010
8:01 pm

You may have noticed some rearrangements around here. First and foremost, I'm trying out running a banner ad up at the top of the website (and within the RSS feed). Knowing how this stuff works I am assuming that most of my readership is actively blocking them, but I tried to make the banner ad as unobtrusive as possible. Still, if it is blocked, the site will collapse back upon itself so you won't even notice the absence. I've gone through and pre-blocked (to the best of my ability) Evony ads and get-rich-quick schemes, among other categories that I personally find offensive, but if anyone happens upon something particularly heinous you're welcome to email me. This is just something temporary as an experiment; having worked at Yahoo! in the past I have a moral predisposition against internet advertising, so I'm only giving it a trial run for a month or two.

Additionally, there was a bit of downtime earlier in the weekend as I moved from my previous dedicated server over to a VPS. I am not using my old box to an extent that merits maintaining the extensive cost of a dedicated machine, and the VPS in theory provides necessary performance at a fraction of the price. But as above, this is also a temporary experiment, and if I feel that the site's degraded considerably on a virtual machine I'll go back to my previous box. There will be some slowdowns in the initial period post-migration as stuff gets cached, but if it continues to be blippy over the rest of the month please email me (address the same as above!) and let me know.

3 Responses to \'Experimentals\'

    New theme and layout looks really nice. Very elegant and easy to navigate.

    What CMS are you using? I'm guessing it's not WordPress?

    I've actually been using this layout since like February, though if you've always been in the RSS feed you might not have noticed it.

    This is running on WordPress, though. I've used a few others in the past, but so far I like WordPress the best.

    Pfft, advertisements. Nobody ever cli-oh, a Nexus One? This is pertinent to my interests…

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