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Continuity and the art of changing things
Continuity and the art of changing things

A couple weeks ago, while I was in the middle of the first draft for Book 06 of Iyetra, I realised I had made a very grave error and left something important out of the now-published version of Book 05. I wrote, re-drafted and revised the entirety of Book 05 without realising that I'd forgotten to include an important detail regarding one of the main characters and thus defied the physics of my own universe.

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19 December 2012
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It's been quiet, innit?
It's been quiet, innit?

Yes, yes it has. The reasons for this are varied and multi-faceted — as my free time has increasingly been consumed with other writing work I've had less and less opportunity to pick up a video game at all, much less screenshot it and compose my thoughts in a capacity that might make a long article seem sensible. Indeed, my Steam account is overflowing with games I purchased and haven't even launched, and every time I scroll through it I feel a tinge of abandonment as if that long list is made up of my tiny, forgotten digital children.

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1 December 2012
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