It's been quiet, innit?

1 December 2012
1:00 pm

Yes, yes it has. The reasons for this are varied and multi-faceted — as my free time has increasingly been consumed with other writing work I've had less and less opportunity to pick up a video game at all, much less screenshot it and compose my thoughts in a capacity that would make a long article worth writing (let alone having other people read). Indeed, my Steam account is overflowing with games I purchased and haven't even launched, and every time I scroll through it I feel a tinge of abandonment as if that long list is made up of my tiny, forgotten digital children.

I had never set out to make this primarily a video game blog, but as my interests were in that direction it made sense to write about the convergence of gaming and social issues. It almost seems silly discussing video games in a civil rights context, but over the last few years I've seen so many conflicts in this medium reflect back on the struggles that women and other minorities have had to brave in "real life" as well.

In any event, I've had to neglect this hobby as I directed my time and energy in the direction that presently pays. However, as is often the case with my creative energy, I'm increasingly needing an outlet to scribble down my thoughts in a format that isn't related to work and I've decided to resurrect this blog (if nothing more than to justify the continued expense of the domain and server) to detail my experiences as an "indie" author for the last two years. While I've been doing writing professionally in various degrees of full time employment and freelance ever since I was sixteen years old, 'full-time novelist' is a new venture for me. Having been inside the publishing industry in a non-personal format for many years, I think I've got an interesting perspective now that I'm having to figure out how to do it on my own for my own fiction series.

So, we'll see how this other neglected child of mine goes along. I wouldn't suggest you expect anything daily, but hopefully I'll get things up to speed so it will be less than seven months between entries in the future.

The regular blog at will still continue to be used to detail actual announcements relevant to the series itself, but here I will write up more personal entries about my writing process and experiences as an indie author specifically.

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