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Beta impressions: Star Trek Online
Beta impressions: Star Trek Online

Given the organic, ever-evolving nature of MMOGs these days, the line between alpha, beta, open beta and release are blurring moreso than in usual titles. Even though Cryptic will be releasing its latest MMOG, Star Trek Online, in a bit over a week, the state it goes live in will likely not be representative of the game in a few months. As such it's difficult to give a really fair round-up of the game, or any MMOG in general, because they change so drastically in such a rapid space of time. Perhaps because I played the Champions Online beta, I am approaching Cryptic's latest offering with a bit of a raised eyebrow. In its current state, Star Trek Online is a rather buggy mess that shows great promise but feels rushed and unpolished.

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21 January 2010
A week with Champions Online
A week with Champions Online

Open beta, head-start and launch day events have all come and gone for Champions Online and at last the game is released and live. In between healing 10-man Ulduar and entertaining my boyfriend's visiting mother I've been feverishly leveling various superheroes now that they won't be nuked. Overall my earlier enthusiasm for the MMOG is […]

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13 September 2009
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Review: Champions Online
Review: Champions Online

Last week Champions Online started its week long open beta in preparation for the September 1st launch; those who had pre-ordered the game were given access to it (though I believe free keys were also available through a FilePlanet promotion at some point.) This is a game I have been looking forward to for a […]

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25 August 2009
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