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Welcome to!
Welcome to!

After various amounts of work adjusting the layout and getting everything migrated I'm quite excited to announce the opening of, the new home of what used to be As I've mentioned here a few times I no longer feel the content I write about here is quite appropriate to be housed under an address so specific and personal to myself, so I think that it is better kept in this new location.

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27 November 2009
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Upcoming transitions
Upcoming transitions

In a period of time to be determined (either immediately or sometime in the next few days, depending on free time and motivation), this site will be transitioning from its current domain to I have a lot of reasons for wanting to do this; I feel that a domain name based around someone's real name probably should be full of personalized content, and that's not really been the focal point of my writing here for quite some time, so I don't feel that it's all that fitting any longer.

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23 November 2009
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